When you encounter offers that are too good to be true, it is common to be suspicious.  

For prices of fresh produce that are too low, followings questions every fresh produce importers should be thoroughly identified whether those concerns are really worth the risks or not.

1. Were the produces sourced from local market with no certification?

Clearly, certified fresh produce growers are not able to compete prices on these low-cost suppliers. Mostly, those non certified fresh fruits and vegetables are very likely to introduce severe food safety and hygiene later on. Food safety concerns such as contaminants, MRLs, restricted substance, exceeded chemical residue, et cetera, are questionable particularly an issue of traceability.  Think about when your consumers, distributors ask to track the origin of the produce  or they would like to find out about farm code numbers, or GGN (GLOBAL G.A.P. Number), those low-cost fresh produce exporters cannot provide information. This can cause dramatic impacts toward your business credibility as well as your long-term business success.

2. Is quality as expected?

For low-cost fresh produce  supplies, their production did not run based on set standardized agriculture-based practices, it is common for  fresh produce importers to experience inconsistent quality, which will affect their long-term business.

3.Can I handle pain from unpredictable volume?

For regular clients, most reliable fresh produce suppliers prepare weekly plan for their clients so that they can project  availability on weekly or monthly basis. When quantity is not as planned due to relying on buying with low-cost suppliers , it is very challenging for buyers/importers to keep track of their future order plan, which will definitely bring importers negative impact and hurt their business's reputation in the long run.

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