This article will be devoted for some of the most amazing Thai fresh fruits : mango, mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, durian, and longan

Durian : King of Fruit

Although it produces a strong odd sense, this king of fruit is definitely worth every try. (You need to trust your adventurous gut!!) People who enjoy it will feel indulged of its creamy, buttery texture. Think of trying Durian first time as trying cheese, hazelnut or creme brulee! Once in season, most Thais will be craving for this expensive fruit. However, some people perceive fermented taste of durian as undesirable. Its skin is full of spikes and you can find a soft golden yellow flesh and seeds inside. Speaking of removing its peel, you really need to have a sharp cutting tool with skills. It alternatives can be found including Durian cakes, mooncakes, candies, chips, you name it!!


Mangosteen : Queen of Thai Fruits

Originally from Southeast Asia, mangosteen, a small round fruit with white, sweet and soft pulp contains a number of active compounds. Research shows fascinating facts about this dark purple fruits that mangosteens have substantial benefits to human’s health including :

The prevention of skin infections and intestinal symptoms
Inhibiting the growth of some bacteria and fungi
Boosting immune system
Delaying the growth of some cancer cells!


Mango Nam Dok Mai : Thai Magical Fruit

Mango Nam Dok Mai variety is the most popular and world renowned magical fruit with exceptional aroma, softness, and juice.This oval fruit with a gold-yellow color brings a very tasty, sweet and rich flavor. Its skin is quite thick and therefore easily removed. Nam Dok Mai cultivar is a primary variety for exportation. For increasingly convenient logistics nowadays, consumers all over the globe can consume fresh mango Nam Dok Mai straight from Thai farms by air transportation. The Nam Dok Mai can either be consumed fresh or applied in many dessert recipes, such as smoothie, mousse, cocktail drinks or ice creme-think of it as mango sorbet!

For nutrients, the Nam Dok Mai contains many active nutritional values including Vitamins A and C with dietary fibre, low saturated fat and sodium. All in all, this is the fruit that can’t be missed!


Rambutan: Exotic fruit with Spiky Look


Native to Malaysia and commonly planted all over Southeast Asia, rambutan is well-spotted for the uniqueness of its hairy redness. After the shell being peeled off, there is a white sweet, sticky flesh and juicy taste with a woody seed in the middle. Rambutan contain high amount of fiber.




Longan : The Dragon Eye Fruit


People mostly are confused with lychee as its flesh has quite similar appearance. When observed a little closer, one apparent trait you can instantly observe is that the flesh of longan is quite smaller than the lychee’s flesh. Longan ,one of the most popular Thai fruits, can be cultivated in the northern region of Thailand. Outer shell is brown sticky skin with a big black seed (like a dragon eye) in the center. Inside, there is a soft white flesh. Although its flavor is quite closed to grape and lychee, it produces very uniquely sweet taste.


Lychee : Pink Peel with Soft Flesh


This impressive super sweet and juicy fruit is commonly found in a number of cocktail recipes. The pink peel on the outer shell makes its look pretty outstanding among other Thai fruits. Once peeled, its flesh looks is quite similar to rambutan and longan. In the middle, there is a large black seed. Lychee can also be found in many forms particularly cans of lychee (pretty much it is mixed in delicious syrup).It is one of Thai fruits you must try fresh from the pulp!